Surveillance Investigations

Do you want to know the whereabouts of your Teen, Spouse, Senior Loved One, Babysitter, Boat, or equipment? There are specific Federal and State Laws that must be adhered to. We keep in touch with you about the whereabouts and then give you a written report with all the facts and pictures (if needed) at the end of the investigation.


Human Surveillance expands way beyond GPS Tracking. Your case is far too valuable to risk not having the UNBIASED and documented account of the events for Court Admissible Evidence. An eye witness and video are very difficult to refute.

We have had a wide spectrum of clients because we’re very good at Covert Surveillance. We use the newest equipment including: Covert HD Miniature Color Cameras and Night Vision Equipment with Video. A Video and written Detailed Report suitable for Court Evidence are always provided with each surveillance case.

We work with your input to figure out the best time and place to capture the subject to PREVENT wasting time and your money.

We will give you LIVE, in the field, updates when appropriate.

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Our team is previous law enforcement and military.
Highly qualified and experienced.

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