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As industry leaders and experts in surveillance services, we understand the critical role surveillance plays in safeguarding your personal interests and ensuring the security business. Our team of seasoned investigators specializes in deploying cutting-edge surveillance techniques for a wide range of purposes.

Child Custody Surveillance: Is a specialized investigative service aimed at ensuring the well-being and safety of a child during legal proceedings, providing valuable insights into the child’s living conditions and interactions with custodial and non-custodial parents.

Infidelity and Personal Matters: For individuals facing personal challenges or suspicions, our surveillance services provide clarity and evidence in matters of infidelity, divorce, or family disputes. Trust us to handle your concerns with sensitivity and professionalism.

Surveillance for Corporate Security: Protect your business from potential threats with our comprehensive corporate surveillance services. Whether monitoring sensitive areas, tracking employee activities, or securing your premises, our experts provide actionable insights to fortify your organization’s security.

Employee Misconduct and Productivity: Uncover the truth behind suspicions of employee misconduct or assess productivity levels within your organization. Our discreet surveillance helps you make informed decisions about workplace dynamics.

Insurance Fraud Investigations: Mitigate risks associated with fraudulent insurance claims. Our surveillance experts meticulously gather evidence to expose any potential fraud, ensuring fair and accurate assessments for insurance purposes.

Legal Support and Evidence Gathering: In legal matters, solid evidence is paramount. Our surveillance services are tailored to support legal cases, providing clear, court-admissible proof for civil or criminal proceedings.

Asset Protection and Recovery: Ensure the safety of your valuable assets with our surveillance expertise. From monitoring high-value items to tracking potential threats, we offer proactive solutions to safeguard your assets and investments.

Human Surveillance expands way beyond GPS Tracking. Your case is far too valuable to risk not having the unbiased and documented account of the events for Court Admissible Evidence. An eye witness and video are very difficult to refute. At The Eagle Group PI, we take pride in delivering precise and reliable surveillance services tailored to your unique needs. Our experts utilize state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices to ensure the highest level of accuracy and discretion. Trust us to be your strategic partner in maintaining security, uncovering truths, and safeguarding your interests.

We have had a wide spectrum of clients because we’re very good at Covert Surveillance. We use the newest equipment including: Covert HD Miniature Color Cameras and Night Vision Equipment with Video. A Video and written Detailed Report suitable for Court Evidence are always provided with each surveillance case.

We work with your input to figure out the best time and place to capture the subject to prevent wasting time and your money.

We will give you live, in the field, updates when appropriate.

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