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Have you considered Social Media Investigation to uncover suspected Infidelity?

Frequently, many cheating spouses pursue their adulterous relationships in the workplace and through Social Media. In recent years, however, the rise of social media and online dating apps has played a tremendous role in modern infidelity. Unlike in the past, when cheating spouses had to coordinate their activities in real space, previous love interests are now only a mouse-click away we can help through Social Media Infidelity Investigations.

Studies have demonstrated that one in seven couples have considered divorce due to their spouse’s questionable activities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Nearly one-quarter of these couples claimed to have at least one social media-related argument per week, with 17% claiming they fought about it every day.

Social Media Investigations

Social media posts are quickly becoming common sources of evidence across a wide variety of legal matters. Quick and cost-effective — social media investigations are growing in popularity as more and more parties to lawsuits and government inquiries are building cases using information from social media sites. Social Media Investigations are also available and useful in the detection of a cheating spouse in a relationship. The Eagle Group PI will work with attorneys and law firms who can benefit from the evidence gathered from these social media investigations, but who may not have the time, resources, or expertise for social media discovery.

Social Media Monitoring

Our Northern Virginia Private Investigator Firm specializes in identifying and responding to online threats which is critical to either you, your family, or your business. Our Social Media Analysts monitor millions of deep and dark websites, hundreds of social media platforms, and countless blogs, message boards, and other sites with user-generated content to identify threatening posts, threat actors, and other intelligence. Our monitoring aims to identify physical threats, cyber threats, and reputationally damaging posts targeting corporations, executives, and private clients. Our services are provided to clients across the United States.

Social Media Safety Training

The Eagle Group PI can educate teachers, parents and children on the dangers in our digital and connected world. We are experts at teaching Internet safety to elementary, middle school and high schools, businesses and religious groups. We offer Internet safety presentations and personal consulting on cyber safety to anyone who is overwhelmed by the amount and breadth of technology and social networks that are available.

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