Domestic Violence Investigations

Domestic Violence is a “catch all” phrase that encompasses many meanings from the extreme of murder or rape down to “just” verbal abuse. None of the adjectives used to label these events describes the horrible emotional and physical pain that occurs when someone is abused. Abuse always leaves permanent scares that must be dealt with, sooner or later.

We can help you. We are very experienced in this matter and we are discreet and professional at all times. Call us if you need help. We listen and can help guide you to professional organizations that can help. Speak with a Licensed Investigator Now 866.PRI.EYES (774.3937)

We are also helping by listing many helpful websites and phone numbers below:

  1. Virginia Dept. of Social Services www.dss,
  2. Fairfax County:
  3. Virginia Sexual & Domestic:
  4. Great Article about Verbal Asuse:
  5. Women Abuse Virginia Statewide Hotline: 800-838 VADV
  6. How to leave an abusive relationship, how to help a victim of domestic violence, and more:
  7. Prince William County: 703-221-4951 and Victim’s Advocacy 703-368-4141
  8. Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter: 703-777-6552
  9. Maryland & DC- Family Crisis Center: 301-731-1203 or the Assault Center at 301-618-3154
  10. House of Ruth, DC 202-347-2777
  11. DC Rape Crises Center: 202-333-7273
  12. Rappahannock Council on Domestic Violence: 540-373-9373


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