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Co Habitation & Surveillance: you could be entitled to alimony reduction or potentially cease payments!

Welcome to The Eagle Group PI, where we unravel the art and science of co habitation & surveillance to deliver impactful results. Understanding the craft of observation, we deploy cutting-edge techniques to meet your unique investigative needs.

What Is Surveillance? Surveillance is more than just watching; it’s a meticulous practice of close observation focused on a person, place, or object. It’s about documenting interactions, pinpointing whereabouts, and uncovering crucial details.

When Is Surveillance Used?

  • Cohabitation
  • Missing person searches
  • Cheating spouse investigations
  • Recurrent theft
  • Worker’s compensation cases
  • Vandalism
  • Fraud investigations
  • Criminal investigations


Common Types of Surveillance:

Cohabitation & Surveillance Expertise: Proof of cohabitation can be a crucial factor in legal matters, especially when it comes to alimony. It could entitle you to alimony reduction or potentially cease payments altogether. Our team specializes in conducting discreet and comprehensive surveillance to gather the necessary evidence for your case.

Electronic Surveillance: Our investigators adeptly utilize tools like computer and phone monitoring, GPS trackers, wiretapping, and various software programs to document activity. We also monitor an individual’s use of phones, email, and social media.

Physical Observation: May include stakeouts, disguises, and multiple investigators as we physically follow and watch subjects.

Interviews: We extract valuable information through insightful interviews with family members, neighbors, friends, or coworkers.

Technical Surveillance: Harness the power of digital photography, video/audio recordings, and advanced technology to capture critical evidence.

Surveillance Methods

Overt vs. Covert: From the visible deterrent of security cameras to the undetected finesse of undercover detectives, we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

Mobile vs. Stationary: Whether on the move or stationed strategically, our investigations adapt to the unique dynamics of each case.

Why Conduct Surveillance?

  • To prevent crime
  • To obtain evidence of a crime
  • To obtain evidence in civil suits
  • To document an individual’s location
  • To document activities in/around a location
  • To obtain information for interrogation purposes
  • To obtain information to be used in court

How Surveillance Works:

Our process begins by understanding your desires and expectations. Through extensive background checks and familiarity with the investigation area, we ensure an understanding of the subject and their surroundings. Armed with this information, we select the most effective equipment and employ a strategic approach tailored to your case.

At The Eagle Group PI, surveillance isn’t just a job—it’s an art form, meticulously crafted to provide you with the facts and proof you need. Trust us to unravel the mysteries and bring clarity to your unique situation.

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