Child Nanny and Elder Care Investigations

In today’s busy world, it is almost impossible to be with and protect our children, or the elderly in our care, for every second. An article in the Sacramento Bee on 12/31/10 said that for every 1 (one) Elder Abuse Case reported there are 23.5 abuse cases NOT REPORTED and 57.2 cases of NEGLECT. That’s just unacceptable!! But, it’s true. And a great number of resumes and employment applications contain false information making it even harder for you to make an informed decision of who to hire.

Here again, one MUST be OBJECTIVE and CAREFUL. Please, GET YOUR BABYSITTER OR NANNY VETTED. It doesn’t cost very much to do a criminal background check on them. We offer a Comprehensive Background Report for a reasonable price.

Who needs a background check?


  • Nanny/Au Pare
  • Nurses/aides/Hospice workers
  • Teachers/tutors
  • Babysitters
  • Daycare Center owners/operators and staff
  • Rehab staff & aides
  • Contractors

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