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A child custody investigation is a serious matter that has important repercussions for the well-being of your children. Gary Pastor and his team at The Eagle Group PI of Northern Virginia are previous law enforcement and military and has successfully investigated hundreds of Child Custody cases, and our success rate and investigative methods just keep getting better.

Our primary concern in any child custody case is for the safety and well-being of the children. The Eagle Group Private Investigators’ are previous law enforcement and military.

It is of the utmost importance that the children have a stable, nurturing, and safe environment in order to grow up emotionally and physically sound.

We understand that a Child Custody Case optimally occurs without a child knowing about it. We strongly adhere to that policy whenever possible.

As private investigators, we work with police, lawyers, agencies and individuals to give you the child custody legal leverage you need to secure your children’s future. We work hard to uncover evidence of custodial improprieties, neglect, physical, mental or sexual abuse or mistreatment.

A private investigator can greatly influence the legal outcome in child custody cases. In many cases, our fees are reimbursable as a part of the legal fees obtained from the assets of the offending spouse in the settlement.

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Owner and President Gary Pastor served as a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer for the Greenville (NC) Police Department and is a proud Marine Corps Veteran. Gary is a fully licensed Private Investigator and both his personal and business licenses were issued by the Private Protective Services Board. He also serves as an armed Personal Protection Specialist (PPS).

Gary has extensive experience in the practical application of laws pertaining to child custody such as child endangerment/child abuse, domestic violence, and juvenile law. Recognizing the gravity of such issues, Gary directly participates in and oversees all child custody investigations. The Eagle Group PI team is willing to do anything legally permissible to gather the evidence you need for your case, which, in turn, will be used by your attorney to succeed in your child custody motion in Family Court.

We Work Closely With Your Attorney During the Investigation

The facts provided during a child custody investigation will assist your attorney in any motions before the court.

Relevant issues include:

  • Legal child custody
  • Primary residential child custody
  • Shared child custody
  • Physical child custody
  • Joint custody
  • Visitation rights

Any information uncovered during an investigation can be used to substantiate allegations of child neglect and abuse, which can result in the non-offending parent obtaining full custody of the child. During an investigation, the child custody investigators at The Eagle Group PI can uncover all manner of background information such as DUI charges, criminal records, and other relevant information through comprehensive background searches. Such background investigations will be done with the intention of preventing further child abuse, neglect, or endangerment.

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