Adultery and Divorce

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Adultery also known as Infidelity – Know the Facts – Don’t let Cheaters get away with it!

You don’t need a long list of what to look for. If your instincts are telling you to be suspicious, then it is time to get the facts. Ignoring it just enables them to continue and makes matters worse. It doesn’t go away. And confronting them without solid proof will not help you, because they usually just deny it, convincingly! You need a private investigator who will be the unbiased third party that the courts require.

Having listened to feedback from our clients & counselors for many decades, we understand the profound pain that infidelity can inflict on every member of the family. Whether it’s real or imagined, dealing with infidelity can be heartbreaking, embarrassing, and even debilitating. You deserve to know the truth! Our private investigators will find out the truth for you while being very discreet, tactful, sensitive and understanding to all concerned.

Divorce – Get the Facts

In Virginia there are two types of divorces:

  1. Bed and Board – where you can not remarry during the life of your ex-spouse and
  2. An Absolute Divorce- which is permanent and you can remarry. The later can be granted on one of six fault grounds. Adultery is one of them.

Divorce investigations sometimes reveal not only adulterous relationships, but hidden assets, and even other children. We strongly suggest that you consult a Divorce Lawyer. Our private investigator will work with you and your lawyer to get the facts, so you can gain all of the leverage and assets you need to secure your future and your children’s future. In many cases, our fees are reimbursable as part of the legal fees obtained from the assets of the offending spouse in the settlement.

Before you Commit – Know The Facts

When you get right down to it, we don’t always choose the one we fall in love with. It just seems to happen. Then as you date your love grows and commitments start to escalate. Often, before you’re even aware of it, you start ignoring little warning signs because you want everything to work and be perfect. This is what we call the “Danger Time,” the time that you are the most vulnerable to deception. You should be asking, how much do I really know about my “perfect” partner? Many a break-up and divorce have revealed hidden marriages that were not resolved legally, hidden children, hidden warrants, etc., etc. Don’t allow heartbreak. Know the facts BEFORE you commit all of your emotions and dreams to that special someone. Act now by clicking here for a basic background check from the privacy of your own home or offce before you consider engagement.

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