Private Security in Manassas Virginia

Private Security in Manassas Virginia is needed now more than ever. In these unstable times, it’s easy to look at the news and wonder what the world is coming to.

The Eagle Group and our partner has you covered.

Crime, unrest, malaise—where does it end? As reports of criminal activity and innocent victims getting hurt increase around the country, it’s reasonable to fear the unknown, the unseen, and the unpredictable. In a business context, there’s always an underlying threat of something going wrong because —disgruntled employees, corporate spies, and even “Joker” archetypes who just want to watch the world burn. As a business owner, it’s your job to be aware of suspicious behavior, and keep your business protected.

Have you noticed a string of coincidences lately? Are things mysteriously going missing? Have critical assets or information just disappeared? These “coincidences” might make you feel like someone’s out to get you. The reality is there’s probably a perfectly rational explanation for all this, and many can be avoided or deterred with Private Security and Protection of a expert team. The Eagle Group has a team of Security Consultants that will analize the scope of your business to mitigate risk.

Its a necessary deterrent and will help you get a overview of the possiable risks in your company, it’s just a side effect of working in a fast-paced business environment.  What if your business is heading down the path to becoming the next big headline? Can you really afford to risk a sudden and unexpected loss of company assets?
Apart from protecting yourself and your family, nothing is more important than protecting your livelihood. What does your current security plan look like? Do you have little more than locks on your doors and maybe a few security cameras? That’s not enough to stop a determined criminal, especially if your business is on the cutting edge. Some criminals will do whatever it takes to steal your trade secrets or even attempt to wipe out your business entirely.
Sure, security cameras may (or may not) catch a perpetrator in the act, but on their own, they do nothing to thwart criminal activity as it happens. Unless someone is monitoring the live video feed, all you can do is look up footage after the fact and watch helplessly as the event unfolds on the monitor. The recording may (or may not) help bring the criminal to justice, but in cases like industrial espionage, there’s no way to undo the damage once it’s done.
With all this in mind, maybe now’s the time to hire your own security staff. After all, nothing discourages crime like having skilled, trained, and uniformed security guards patrol the premises. Not sure if the investment is worth it? Understanding the many benefits of business security should convince you of its importance.


The last thing wrongdoers want is to get caught. They know security personnel are trained to report any suspicious activity and have the police on speed dial. To avoid a confrontation, people with criminal motives typically seek out the least-protected businesses to commit their misdeeds. Most wouldn’t dare attempt a clandestine act under the nose of an attentive security guard.


The whole idea behind security guards is for them to be front and center—not just to thwart would-be criminals but to give innocent employees and customers peace of mind. You also convey the priority you place on security when you have a uniformed guard present. This may prove an important factor when striking a new deal or partnership with another organization. After all, other professionals are more inclined to do business with you if you take security seriously.


Employee theft is a major reason businesses fail because running a lucrative enterprise is impossible when you can’t even trust your own employees. Common forms of employee theft include fudging balance sheets, secretly diverting cash from business accounts, and pocketing valuable merchandise. Apart from conducting background checks on everyone you hire, you can keep an eye on your staff with 24/7 security camera monitoring. You might even want to employ security guards to oversee your storage rooms and inventory warehouses.


Weak and lax security puts businesses at risk of losing essential physical assets and proprietary information. Additionally, organizations may become victims of shattered windows, damaged doors, and broken locks. The results of theft and vandalism can be financially catastrophic for your business and emotionally distressing for you and your employees. Your reputation among professional partners and the general public may also suffer. All this can be avoided with uniformed security guards patrolling the premises and deterring crime after closing.


Law enforcement officers are public servants, not private security staff. They come as fast as possible when you call, but they may have to travel a great distance. Limited funding may also cause departments to be short-staffed and unable to respond immediately to your plea for help. Having private guards at your beck and call is a completely different story. With a dedicated team fulfilling your business’s security needs, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled sense of safety.


Crime can happen anywhere under any circumstances, and even the most careful business owners can become victims. But if your goal is to deter theft, vandalism, and corporate espionage, hiring uniformed guards and or executive protection specialists is one of the most effective and cost-efficient approaches available. It feels good knowing you’re taking an effective preventative measure instead of merely hoping you won’t be targeted or, worse, pretending the risk doesn’t exist. The Eagel Group and partners of At Ease Protection Specialists has the skilled, experienced staff you need to put your worries to rest. Our services include armed and unarmed security  24 / 7 remote monitoring vehicle patrol and complete security auditing and asset protection services. Whether you need guards for residential, commercial, industrial, or government applications, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. 866-774-3937 (PRI-EYES)

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