Security and loss prevention recommendations

Executive Protection & Private Security Virginia

Here are 10 holiday security and loss prevention recommendations tailored specifically for businesses: Access Control: Enforce stringent access control measures to limit entry to your facility during the holiday period, allowing only authorized personnel. Alarm Systems: Routinely inspect and maintain your alarm systems to ensure their proper functioning. Set up notifications to alert both authorities […]

Adultery Investigator in Virginia

When you need an Adultery Investigator in Virginia we are the experts. When you get right down to it, we don’t always choose the one we fall in love with. It just seems to happen. Then as you date your love grows and commitments start to escalate. Often, before you’re even aware of it, you […]

Freedom From Domestic Violence

You can rent a GPS Tracking System from The Eagle Group. We install it for you and monitor it “real time.” We keep in touch with you about where it is, and then give you a written report with all the facts and pictures (if needed) at the end of the investigation. Human Surveillance expands […]

How Spouse Cheating Their Life Partner

Infidelity – Know the Facts – don’t let Cheaters get away with it!! You don’t need a long list of what to look for. If your instincts are telling you to be suspicious, then it is time to get the facts. Ignoring it just enables them to continue and makes matters worse. It doesn’t go […]