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Discover the unrivaled expertise of Virginia’s premier Private Investigations firm, The Eagle Group PI, spearheaded by our Founder & President, Gary Pastor—an esteemed veteran with a distinguished background in law enforcement and the military. Read more at the Decades of Expertise section below.  

We’re not just an agency; we’re your dedicated partners in uncovering the truth and securing your peace of mind.

Based in Manassas, Virginia our team is ready and available in Fairfax, Winchester, Alexandria, and spanning across Northern and Central Virginia, our investigative services extend to the surrounding areas.  

Specializing in comprehensive Domestic, Civil, and Criminal Investigations, alongside other areas of private detective expertise, we are your shield against uncertainty.

At The Eagle Group PI, we deliver the unvarnished truth to safeguard you and your interests. Our understanding and sensitivity to complex family and personal situations set us apart. When you have a need to know, our dedicated detectives are here to assist.


Unfortunately, life has taught us that appearances can be deceiving. Be it hiring a nanny, a babysitter, a new employee, or navigating personal relationships, there are aspects most people prefer to keep hidden.

"The question is, could it hurt you or your loved ones?"

Our Private Investigators have one mission – to uncover the truth and shield you from potential harm. We embody an unwavering tenacity to provide certainty and peace of mind through the pursuit of truth.

Our hallmark approach is characterized by non-judgmentalism, discretion, ethics, and professionalism.

Your interests are our priority, treated with respect, sensitivity, understanding, and unwavering confidentiality.

Whether it's simple advice or a more intricate investigative need, we are committed to helping you. Reach out today, at The Eagle Group PI, our availability goes beyond regular business hours.

Speak with an Expert Now for a No Cost Confidential Consultation:  866-PRI-EYES (774-3937)

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Gary Pastor, our Founder & President, is a seasoned security professional with over 35 years of expertise across various domains, including Criminal Investigations, Executive Protection, and the Security Field. As a former law enforcement officer and Marine Corps Veteran, he serves as an expert witness, consultant, and strategist.

Specializing in providing testimony and consultation services related to premises liability, Gary focuses on negligent security or security negligence, crime foreseeability, third-party criminal acts, security standards of care, security operations, (including staffing and training), security systems integration and countermeasures, as well as security assessments, analysis, and investigative processes. His extensive background includes roles in US Marine Security Forces, Armed Security, Unarmed Security, Insurance Investigations, and Wrongful Death investigations. Having served as a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer for the Greenville (NC) Police Department, he holds a proud record as a Marine Corps Veteran.

Gary is a key figure in the industry, serving on the board of directors for the NCAPI and influencing legislation related to protection and investigations. Since 1999, he has been at the helm as the Founder & President of the NC Protection Group (d.b.a. Private Eyes, Inc.) and has acquired The Eagle Group PI in Virginia. Holding a full license as a Private Investigator, both personally and for his business, Gary’s licenses were issued by the Private Protective Services Board (NCPPSB). Additionally, he is an armed Personal Protection Specialist (PPS), possessing a North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit and having completed the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board (NCPPSB) Armed Certification Course.

Gary’s commitment revolves around providing seamless protection and logistical support, consistently focusing on risk mitigation for clients, their companies, and assets. Emphasizing the importance of treating everyone with dignity and respect, he ensures that trust is built and maintained while delivering exceptional investigative and protective services. This commitment to diversity and respect is instilled in his employees who adhere to the company’s guiding principles.

“Investigations and Protection Guiding Principles.”

-All investigations and protective services will be conducted thoroughly and competently.

-We commit to maintaining professionalism in all our operations for both internal and external clients.

-We will always strive to provide exceptional Client customer service and communications.

-Our rates for our services must be both competitive and cost beneficial for our Clients.

Founder & President – Licensed Private Investigator (LPI) NCPPSB No. 2664 and (Armed) Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) – Greenville Corporate Division. 

Speak with an Expert Now for a No Cost Confidential Consultation:  866-PRI-EYES (774-3937)


Amir A.

200% satisfaction of infidelity investigative services. Patient and kind, friendly to interact with. Helped me through the process of getting the evidence I needed to figure everything out and get the papers served within 24 hours. Cost effective and very professional. Wouldn't go with any other person in this area. Trust me. He is worth it!

Jonathan Ruiz

I know it was a mission for Gary and his team, but they found the mother of my kids and now I can take her to court and get full custody of my boys. I know he went the extra mile… Thanks.

Drew Turk

This group is elite in their business. Tactical, strategic, and calculated. They put in hours of preparatory work and surveillance well ahead of going on task. They are well informed of all laws and regulations surrounding their practice. Responsiveness is key in this field and they keep you well informed and present a thorough report at the end of any assigned task. Highly affordable and reasonable. I would not hesitate in contracting them for services. I am confident enough in that that I would be willing to put my own reputation on the line.

Jessie Talamentez

The Eagle Group P.I. is a top notch team. They are very professional, courteous, and caring. Gary and his team show this in even the smallest details of your situation. Gary Pastor is a man of integrity and it shows. I can not express how impressed I was working with Gary and his team and highly recommend The Eagle Group P.I. for any and all of your investigative needs.